July 2003

Scavenger Hunt




1.  Go to http://metals.about.com/ and find plans to a metalworking project to build.  What project did you choose?




2. In the Metals How-To’s web site, how many chapters are described in How to weld all types of materials?




3.  Staying in How to weld all types of materials web page.   When identifying metals, all metals fall in two categories.  What are they?




4.  In Chapter 12 “Special Operation”, what serves as a useful jig when pipe welding small diameter pipe?




5.  Go to Western Dakota Technical Institutes home page.


After you log in, what prerequisite is required for WLD 215 Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding class?




6.  Go to NASA- Commercial Technology Network


Click on Spinoff online for 1996, and in Industrial Productivity and Manufacturing Technology find the  name of the advanced welding torch that NASA built in the 1970’s.




7.  Complete the Welding quiz at the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology.


8.     Staying in Hobart Institute of Welding Technology and using the Spring 2003 World of Welding newsletter, find out where the Welding show 2003 took place at.                         



9.    How many welding schools are listed for California on the Search 4 Welding schools website?                         


10.  How many schools, and what are the names, are listed for South Dakota?